Friday, March 19, 2010

Here Comes the Smear Machines

Already this afternoon the GOP/Tea Party thugs have started up their smear machines. Right wing blogs and extreme "news" sites have been busy manufacturing lies about Democrats. They are making up stories that members of Congress are taking bribes, getting appointments to embassies, and other perks so that it appears that their votes for health care have been bought. Let me make it perfectly clear---

THE GOP/TEA PARTY/912ers/AFP(Americans for Prosperity) (or whatever name the far right, anti-health care shlumps call themselves) ARE LYING.

They are lying, lying, lying.

I know you are sitting there wondering:

Why would the greedy, heartless, pro-insurance, far right, GOPers start to lie about those who will vote to support health care?

They lie because they have nothing. They have nothing to offer average Americans to improve their lives.

The Party of NO has become the party of Nothing.
Nothing to offer.
Nothing but lies, distortions, and smears.