Thursday, March 04, 2010

Watch Out!!!!

We knew there were ties between the GOP and the tea party people and here is more proof.
Raw Story:

One of the Tea Party's top leaders was recently paid $7,500 by a campaign run by a California Republican group to promote one of their ballot initiatives.

Mark Meckler is a spokesman for the Tea Party Patriots and had publicly distanced himself from the Republican Party. But state records show that he accepted the money for "petition circulation management" from the "Citizen Power Campaign Supported by the Lincoln Club of Orange County."

So what else is new????

>>>>> YellowDawg at Democratic Underground had a "discussion" with a tea party supporter and had a great response that anyone can use when they meet a similar person:

...She started griping about how bad the government was and how we just ought to throw everyone out. I said that I liked what we had now a whole lot better than what we'd had the previous 8 years. Then she said that there wasn't any bipartisanship.

I said, "I don't care about bipartisanship. You know why? Because the government was a complete failure when the Republicans were in charge. A complete failure. They failed to stop 9/11, they lied us into war, gave us $4 gas, and they took a wrecking ball to the economy. There wasn't a single thing they didn't screw up. I don't want bipartisanship with failure. You know what you get when you compromise with failure? Failure. You want to kick politicians out of office, you start with every single person with an (R) beside their name and you replace them with actual competent people who give a damn about someone besides the rich."

She was stunned. And there were quite a few nods all around.

We need to be prepared to use similar words if we hear a tea bagger mouth off at us.