Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lies from the Republicans

OMG! The Republicans are having hissy fits because President Obama made 15 recess appointments. Even though all Presidents have done the same, the Republicans want you to believe them--- not the truth.

.....The Constitution gives a president the power to fill vacancies without the Senate's confirmation when the legislative body is in recess.....

....President Clinton made 139 recess appointments during his two terms in office, and President George W. Bush made more than 170, according to the Congressional Research Service....

Even thought the Republicans have blocked all appointment votes, the business of the country has to take precedent over politics. The recess appointments helped fill vital jobs, even in homeland security.

Just like the czar lie, the Republicans are at it again. (see President George W. Bush had 35 czars in his administration. President Barack Obama has 32 czars in his administration. In summary, 35>32.)

I've come to the conclusion that Republicans, conservatives, and teabaggers are low information voters. They don't need the truth and all the information about an issue, because Fox News/Beck/Limbaugh/Hannity tell them how to think, what vocabulary to use (example: "socialism"), and what to do.

**** Then, there is Sen. Jim DeMint, and that sneer. It seems to me that DeMint is against everything that President Obama says or does. I think many people would agree that DeMint just doesn't like President Obama for one reason, and one reason only----and you know what that is.