Thursday, March 18, 2010

What is wrong with Rep. Steve King?

They are some very weird comments over at at Fox Nation. I read about it over at Newshounds. (They watch Fox so I don't have to. Thank goodness!) Here is what Newshounds posted as they asked if the comments by Rep. Steve King and others were examples of treason:

Fox Nation, the website that boasts about its goal of "strengthening our diverse society by striving for unity," has nevertheless allowed in its moderated comments a prolonged, open discussion about armed revolution. It's impossible to believe that the Fox Nation editor, Jesse Watters (the ambush guy) didn't know something like this would come up when he posted the inflammatory article, Rep. King Calls For Revolution In The Streets. Its first sentence is, "Rep. Steve King (R-IA) is calling for a new procedural solution to stop the health care bill: Have an angry mob of citizens storm Washington and prevent Congress from acting, in imitation of the Velvet Revolution that overthrew communist rule in Czechoslovakia!" Yet while one commenter complained about hus comments being blocked (shown in the last screen grab), we found at least 7 in favor of armed revolution. Each were posted more than 24 hours ago - more than enough time for any moderator to consider and remove any material deemed inappropriate. Is this not treason?....

I went over to Fox Nation to read the post and some of the comments. They are bizarre.