Friday, September 02, 2011

Blame the Republicans

 If you and your family have suffered some recent setbacks because of natural disasters, and you have not received the federal help that you needed, you might want to ask Republican leader Eric Cantor and Republican Rep. Jim Jordan why they are refusing to help.


Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), the chairman of the influential Republican Study Committee, said on Thursday that Cantor (R-Va.) was “absolutely right” in suggesting that Congress look for offsets when providing federal aid for states and cities hammered by Hurricane Irene. Cantor has come under criticism from Democrats, who pointed out that his position is a shift from his stance during earlier weather events that affected his home state of Virginia.

Republican governors from Virginia and New Jersey, two of the states hit hard by Hurricane Irene, have also been critical of Cantor's position.

....Under fire in Virginia and nationally, Cantor has stopped short of a ironclad demand that disaster relief be offset, but his spokeswoman has said that would be “the goal” for congressional leaders.....

What would Cantor and Jordan like to cut....... Social Security? Medicare?
WIC (nutritional help for women and children)?  Pell Grants? funding for schools? 

Cantor and Jordan are full of baloney.  They continue to say that they speak for the American people, but they don't.  Cantor and Jordan might not personally ever need the help of FEMA or some federal agency because of their own personal wealth.  This is America and we need to help each other recover from these disasters.  If Cantor and Jordan don't want help for themselves and their families, we'll just add their names to a list of people who don't want help from the rest of us.  The Republican arrogance and desire to protect the wealthy are both things that I cannot tolerate.

>>>>>>>>  ThinkProgress has this little ditty to ponder:

Progressive groups organizing a rally at the same Richmond-area hotel where House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) was holding an event Wednesday were abruptly kicked out of the hotel and told by hotel management to remain off of its property during Cantor’s event. 

Cantor held an Advisory Council gathering, closed to the media but open to constituents who registered ahead of time, at the Holiday Inn Koger Center in Richmond. A coalition of progressive Virginia organizing groups — Progress Virginia, OurDC, and Virginia Organizing — had booked rooms and a separate ballroom in the hotel to hold a “jobs rally” countering Cantor’s event. According to organizers, the groups planned to invite Cantor to attend their rally after his own event, in the hope that he would listen to their concerns regarding job creation and unemployment.

But just hours before the events were set to begin, the Holiday Inn canceled the groups’ ballroom and room reservations and ordered the groups to remain off of hotel property during Cantor’s meeting. According to organizers, hotel management falsely accused them of smoking in their rooms and used that as justification to cancel their reservations. A representative of Holiday Inn who only agreed speak on the condition of anonymity, however, said the hotel was seeking to avoid confrontation between the progressive groups and those attending the Cantor event. He would not comment on whether the hotel had any communications with Cantor or his staff regarding the progressive groups.....