Monday, September 12, 2011

The GOP Mess in Ohio

>  Find out what Darrell Issa thinks is unnecessary over at RawStory

***  Do you know what firefighters do?  There is a great video that explains it all.


Gov. John Kasich, who called a police officer an "idiot" several times in front of a meeting of state employees, seems surprised that his calls for unity are being ignored.  Kasich has already demonstrated that he is a crass, disrespectful, bully.  Why should anyone listen to his calls for unity? You can't insult people and then ask for their support.

*** Teachers need to be reminded of what they make.  Taylor Mali has a video on YouTube called  "What Teachers Make" that is a must see for every teacher. I'd advise you to listen to it without any children in the room.

>>>>  The League of Women Voters of Ohio is worried about the problems that could arise out of Ohio HB 194.  Daytonos has the details:

.....The League is seeking repeal of HB 194 because, according to a statement released by the League, HB 194,  “could significantly increase lines on Election Day, force many more voters to vote provisionally and result in more votes being disqualified.” The League says their position on HB 194 is in keeping with their historical work, “to remove obstacles to voting, ensure all eligible voters can vote and ensure all valid votes are counted.” The League objects to these provisions in the bill:
  • Shortening early voting from five weeks to three and eliminating most weekend hours.
  • Elimination of requirement that poll workers direct voters to the correct precinct. (Failure to vote in the correct precinct means that the vote will not count.)
  • Prohibiting boards of elections mailing absentee voter forms to voters or paying the return postage on such forms.
  • Establishing a minimum precinct size in cities, which could result in longer lines on Election Day.
  • Long lines of voters not be allowed to interfere with nearby businesses.
The Ohio Attorney General rejected the first Referendum Petition because it sought to repeal only part of sections of the law. Accordingly, the new petition drive seeks to repeal HB 194 in its entirety.....

Leave it to the Ohio Republicans to try and destroy the right of citizens to vote.  It seems that the Ohio Republicans certainly know how to interfere with voting and access to ballots.