Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Raiding Kentucky?

*  It looks like Gov. John Kasich has opened up Pandora's Box.

Now that Ohio Gov. John Kasich has lured a Fortune 500 business from Northern Kentucky's largest city, the development fight is on, according to one city commissioner.

Commissioner Steve Frank said there would be reorganization of the city's economic-development staff, and, "we're going to concentrate on getting some people who actually are out there, beating the bushes and trying to find jobs - and if some of them happen to be in Cincinnati, well, that'll be their problem."....

"Everything's fair game," City Manager Larry Klein said about recruiting Ohio businesses....

When it happens, Kasich will start whining.

****  Cronyism continues to thrive under the leadership of the Ohio Republicans and John Kasich.

The Ohio Casino Control Commission didn’t go far to find its first executive director.

Matt Schuler, chief of staff for Senate President Tom Niehaus, was appointed to the job today.....

Wow!  Schuler did not apply for the job, has no experience in the gaming industry, and has no law enforcement background.  He is perfect for the job in the world of the Ohio GOP, as long as they can pull the strings.  Without the law enforcement and gaming background of a qualified candidate for the position, the Republicans are setting up the state for a massive disaster.