Monday, September 12, 2011

Pass the Jobs Bill!

Have you seen the new ad sponsored by the DNC?  The Grandforksherald has the video.

We cannot wait for jobs, economic development, and repairs to our infrastructure, while the Republicans sit on their hands trying to damage the economy even more.  We need jobs now. The Republican Party appears to be motivated by their own greed and right wing extreme ideology.

****  There is a big election ahead for NY-9, the congressional seat formerly held by Anthony Weiner.  Democrat David Weprin is facing a Republican, Bob Turner, an anti-social security candidate.

*  We haven't heard much about Republican candidate for Senate, Josh Mandel in the last few days.  Mandel has yet to file his required financial disclosure with the U.S. Senate and people want to know why he has refused to do it.  Is he hiding something????  Seniors are also worried about Mandel because he has very little legislative experience and he wants to make cuts to Social Security.  Since Mandel hasn't even been in office for one year, why does he want to run for another office?  He promised Ohioans that he would finish his term as Treasurer.