Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Not Very Smart

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  Rick Perry is not a great communicator.

Rick Perry's Views on Abstinence Education: YouTube


The latest counts show teen pregnancy rates are going down across the country, but in Texas, that rate continues to be one of the highest.

Texas has the third highest teen birth rate in the nation, and it costs taxpayers about a billion dollars every year.....

...Planned Parenthood says more education and birth control would help. "I think it's incredibly irresponsible to say 'Don't have sex because it's a sin' rather than telling kids the truth... the scientific truth," says one Planned Parenthood official.  The Texas Education Code doesn't require public schools to teach sex education at all, and a study says 94 percent of Texas schools teach abstinence-only sex education....

Obviously, Gov. Perry and the supporters of abstinence only education are unable to see the connection between abstinence only education and the high teen birth rates.  Students need information not ideology.