Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Not Interested in Christie

The Republican Party seems to be unimpressed with their weird collection of presidential candidates.  Not one of the 8 or 9 frontrunners has the charisma, or agenda that would inspire millions of right wingers.  Now, in an effort to look for someone else, some members of the Republican Party have been calling, begging, and talking up Chris Christie as a potential savior for their party's bid.


...Christie is still answering the phone: As for Christie, the calls keep coming for him to run. And he keeps saying no. But guess what: He’s still answering the phone. It’s what’s keeping the Christie storyline alive. And even if he doesn’t run, it’s probably a storyline he’s enjoying. By the way, this isn’t a family thing, so we’re told. In fact, a few months back, former First Lady Barbara Bush called Christie’s wife to reassure her about raising teenagers during a campaign and in the Washington bubble...

The Bush family is very close to Christie and his family.  If Barbara Bush felt no qualms about calling Mrs. Christie to encourage her husband's candidacy, you know that the GOP is desperate.  America should take note---  If you want policies like those of George W. Bush, then Chris Christie is for you.  However, most of us would say that right wing, pro-wealthy, anti-worker policies, being pushed by a loud bully is not what we want in a leader.

Frankly, we don't need a President who is a pompous, right wing bully, with a deep-seeded hatred for public school teachers and fire fighters.  Seeing as how the Republican Party has already stopped all legislation and job creation, we don't need to embolden these death cheering, anti-science, anti-public school, pro-pollution, conservative, Ayn Rand apostles.

As for me, I'm not interested in Chris Christie or the rest of the Republican Presidential candidates.