Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What goes on at private meetings?

****  Mike Shreffler's letter about Gov. John Kasich has a lot of people wondering how much b.s. Kasich is throwing out at his "invited" guests at his special meetings.


.....According to Superintendent Shreffler, Kasich lied about the amount that public employees pay to their retirement funds.  Writes Shreffler, “Kasich told the audience that public employees do not pay a dime into (retirement) and they do not pay a dime for their health insurance.”

....In her DDN article, Bishoff writes, “State law mandates that public workers pay 10 percent of their wages toward their pension while their employers pay between 14 percent and 26 percent. However, about 6.6 percent of public employees have union and individual contracts that call for the employer to pick up all or part of the workers’ share as well.”

In Kettering Schools, the “public workers” who got such a sweet deal — of having the local board pay all of their retirement — were not members of the teachers’ union, but were all of the administrators....

I'm so tired of the Kasich administration.  Who voted for this clown?

*  Favorite Twitter comments about Republican Josh Mandel,and his personal financial disclosure which is 120+ days late-----

Donna Elizabeth
almost spit coffee, hahahah RT : Josh Mandel is the State TREASURER, but cannot figure out same di… (cont)
Josh Mandel is the State TREASURER, but cannot figure out same disclosure form Christine O'Donnell had no trouble figuring out.
6 hours ago

Awesome response.  Since Mandel is the state treasurer, should he know how to fill out  a form?