Monday, June 11, 2012

By the numbers.....

There are more things being revealed about the campaign of Republican Josh Mandel, and it does not look very good. 

••• Recent claims from Mandel's campaign of Democrats supporting his candidacy have been checked and found outrageously overblown.  Even the Republican-loving Columbus Dispatch felt compelled to expose the truth about Mandel's support among Democrats:

....Asked by The Dispatch for evidence of the backing Mandel says he is receiving from Democratic voters and groups, the Mandel campaign offered only the names of four registered Democrats willing to comment. But one of them actually is an independent who says she has supported candidates from both parties.

The issue of Democratic support has come to the fore because Mandel unfailingly brags about it in speeches and interviews. A May 10 Quinnipiac University poll showing Brown with a 6-point lead in the race found that only 5 percent of Democrats surveyed said they plan to vote for Mandel, compared with 10 percent of Republicans who indicated support for Brown.....

When Gov. John Kasich's public relations firm favorite newspaper, The Dispatch, exposes the ugly truth about a Republican, you know that the candidate is in trouble.

•••••  News about the FBI investigation of Josh Mandel's campaign brought unwanted attention to the Republican's methods of fundraising and recordkeeping. 
The Toledo Blade:

....On May 22, Mr. Mandel's campaign returned contributions of $5,000 each to 21 people after it became public that the contributions were under investigation by the FBI -- but months after The Blade raised questions about the contributions.....

.....Justin Barasky, spokesman for Mr. Brown, said Mr. Mandel or his committee should know who his big-ticket donors are, and his campaign has an obligation to vet its donors to make sure they can make legal contributions.

"Josh Mandel does nothing but fund-raise. He has an entire team of fund-raisers, probably has a compliance officer, treasurer, research staff. They should have known when they got $100,000 from employees at one company, and they're maxed-out contributions, and you realize none of them has given money before, and many of them didn't have means to do so, [so] that should have set off alarms," Mr. Barasky said.....

As the Toledo Blade points out, this " ironic in that Mr. Mandel is the state's treasurer..."  You'd think that the state treasurer would be an example of stellar bookkeeping and ethics, even in his campaign.  How disappointing!

Don't you wonder what he might be overlooking in the Ohio Treasury??? Given the record number of absences from his office to do fundraising around the country, Ohioans should worry.  Don't you wonder if the Republicans routinely screw up their records?  Will Josh Mandel recover from these scandals?

You'll have to excuse me while I continue to ROFLMAO over those "4" Democrats supporting the Mandel campaign.