Thursday, June 14, 2012

Don't Believe Those Righties

A post at Democratic Underground has some great insight into right winger, Pat Boone's anti-Sherrod Brown ad:

"The 60+ Association -- a group whose spokesperson is Pat Boone, and whose main goal is to privatize Social Security -- has run another $932,000 ad buy attacking Sherrod.

That brings total spending against Sherrod in Ohio to more than $9 MILLION, and we still have 5 months to go.....

.....Most of these ads - including Pat Boone’s latest gem -- are chock full of lies about Sherrod’s record. But once again, I’m not surprised: Sherrod doesn’t work for corporate special interests, he works for the middle class. Of course they’re spending millions to defeat him....

There are a few things you should know---
1.   Pat Boone is a birther (see ABC News and HuffPost).
2.   The 60 Plus Association is a right wing front group for Republicans.
3.   Josh Mandel is a puppet for right wing, anti-worker, anti-women, pro-business, pro-corporate control of government groups.  He continues to pander to moneyed lobbyists that represent major polluters, pro-SB 5 (pro-Issue 2), and companies that favor the Koch brothers writing legislation.

••• On December 1, 2008, fifty days before Barack Obama was sworn in as President, this was where the U.S. stocks were trading:


This is from CNN today, June 14, 2012 (the markets are still open):
Data as of 12:53:59pm ET
Thursday’s Trading:
  • Dow +120.11

  • Nasdaq +19.17

  • S&P +11.15


It looks like stocks, investors, and corporations have done much better since President Obama has been in office.  They are making profits, and they are not hiring anyone.

>>>>  If you like rich people in control, public school classrooms with 40-50 in a classroom, more tax cuts for the rich, vote for Romney and every Republican because that is what they want. They want to take what little power you have away. 

Did you see the picture of Josh Mandel with the radical, right winger, Grover Norquist.  Norquist is the guy that wants to "...drown the government in the bathtub..." and is the same guy that Republicans sign pledges to honor.