Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Despicable GOP

•  To the Montana Republican Party: 
Your racism, sexism, and disrespectful behavior is showing.  (See the post at DailyKos for the details.) Since Newt Gingrich was the featured speaker that was sent by the Romney campaign, is this display of hatred endorsed by Gingrich and Romney?  To send a message to the Montana GOP, call them at (406) 442-6469 or visit this contact page.

>>>  Speaking of despicable Republican campaigns------ Republican candidate, Josh Mandel, is running a horrible campaign.  Josh Mandel refuses to discuss in detail his plans to lower corporate income tax, give health care vouchers to seniors, and adopt the Paul Ryan budget plan. Josh Mandel seems only capable of lodging false charges against Sen. Sherrod Brown.  Josh Mandel has the dubious distinction of receiving 4 "Pants on Fire" labels for his statements from Politifact.  This is probably a world's record! 

By the way, if anything important happens on Monday with the stock market and investments of the state of Ohio, we'll be out of luck.  Josh Mandel will be busying himself with three fundraisers in Washington, DC.  Josh Mandel---he is too busy to go to work.