Thursday, June 07, 2012

Shame on Romney and Mandel

* Rachel Maddow showed a list of TV clips of Mitt Romney lying about President Obama.  As Rachel said, Romney seems to have no shame about lying.  One incident she showed was the Romney campaign using a quote of John McCain's and attributing it to President Obama.

Romney also said that President Obama never had a jobs bill.   Where has Romney been???????  President Obama had several jobs bills, but the Republicans blocked them, or voted them down.  The one bill that I remember (the bridge/road/infrastructure rebuilding bill) would have put over 100,000 people to work immediately.  It might be that Romney was inattentive to the news because he was counting the money he still receives from Bain or he was planning his car elevator for his California home or counting his wife's Cadillacs.

* Dodge has a brand new car called the Dodge Dart, according to an article in the Chicago Tribune.  Unfortunately, it won't have those not so awesome push button gears like they had in the 1960's.  I remember a friend having great difficulty getting the car to move even after the "D" for drive had been push several times.

FYI---New political ad: YouTube

After my Dad passed away, my Mom was a widow for many years.  If not for our help, she would have never survived on Social Security.  I cannot understand how anyone, especially Josh Mandel, can even consider cutting Social Security and Medicare.  Is this how Josh Mandel respects his elders by taking away the benefits that they paid into over their lifetime?  Shame on Mandel.