Monday, June 25, 2012

Seen It?

***  I've taken a second look at an editorial from last week in the Plain Dealer.  There are a few words used to describe Josh Mandel that make the reader cringe about his candidacy, campaign, and even the prospects of him winning an election.  The Plain Dealer editorial uses words like wallow in the mud, despicable, refused to offer evidence supporting his own allegations, and desperate all to define the campaign of Josh Mandel.

While Mandel has had interviews with Fox News and right wing radio personalities, he has had little contact with real mainstream journalists, and working men and women of Ohio.  He has taken his message to GOP meetings, local Chambers of Commerce lunches, far right Tea Party Republicans, owners of companies that supported SB5, and any right wing PAC in the U.S. and the Bahamas that offered him money. When will Josh Mandel take his message to real people in Ohio?  Is he afraid that people will be turn off by his anti-middle class agenda?

The Columbus Dispatch mentions some important words in describing Josh Mandel, such as "...immaturity..." and "...inexperience..." That certainly doesn't sound good.


*****  If you listen to the Stephanie Miller radio program, you know that she has been on a very successful comedy tour.  (She will be in Columbus, Ohio in August).  If you are interested in merchandise from the tour, visit Zazzle. The caps, I'm Too Sexy to Vote Republican, are available here.  On Tuesday, June 26th, Stephanie Miller will have birther queen, Orly Taitz, on her radio program from 11am-12 noon EDT.

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