Thursday, June 14, 2012

Romney is Wrong

Have you ever been denied medical coverage? My daughter's health insurance company cancelled her policy after she delivered her first child.  She and her husband were shocked because they were given little if any explanation, other than that she had been given a caesarian section in the delivery room.  After much searching, they do have a new insurance policy.

Now, Republican Mitt Romney thinks that insurance companies should be able to repeat that action over and over again.

NY Daily News:

Mitt Romney again vowed this week to strike down Obamacare - but he may have a fight on his hands while trying to repeal one of its most popular features.....

.....He also refused to back down from his opposition to the law’s ban on health care companies denying coverage to patients with pre-existing conditions....

I guess if you have as much money as Romney, you don't need to worry if your health insurance is cancelled.  Someone we know could not get health coverage for their son that is autistic and he had to go on Medicaid.  Many people have lost insurance coverage when they are diagnosed with cancer.  This is wrong.  Shame on Romney for wanting to deny people assistance when they need it the most.