Saturday, June 16, 2012

Romney Bus Runs & Hides

Looks like Mitt Romney's campaign bus ran to hide out at another location in Pennsylvania. YahooNews:

The Romney bus tour hit a speed bump today when more than a hundred protesters showed up at a gas station where the presumptive GOP presidential candidate was scheduled to make a stop, and the candidate's motorcade quickly rerouted to another location just three miles away.....

...According to local reports, Rendell, along with 150 to 200 anti-Romney protesters, had shown up at the original gas station to tout Obama's message, speaking ahead of when Romney was scheduled to arrive.

About 50 people greeted Romney at the new location, including a little league baseball team,....

I guess Romney, who hid out in France rather than go to Vietnam, found another location to take his large bus and his music that is appropriate for an arriving rich potentate.  According to the article at YahooNews, the Democratic protesters of 150 -200 was larger than the crowd of 50 waiting for Romney.

Have you noticed that when Romney appears at a campaign location that his audience is 99.9% white and mostly men?