Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Let Romney know ....

*  Mitt Romney thinks we don't need more teachers, firefighters, and police officers.  You can explain why he is wrong by visiting .

I guess a person that attended a private school and sent his children to private schools, doesn't get it that a majority of American children are educated in public schools.  Here in Ohio, we've seen what cuts to school districts have done to school districts, police and fire departments.  Communities are understaffed because Gov. Kasich cut funding to cities, and counties, and our people are seeing increased response time for fires, emergencies, and crimes.  Thousands of teachers lost their jobs in Ohio this spring because John Kasich cut funding to education.

What bothers me the most is that people like Kasich, Romney, Rove, and their ilk could never handle a classroom with 30-35 students in a city school, work a long shift in a precinct or fire house, or risk their lives to safe a life.  The Republican big mouths don't have the courage to be firefighters and police officers. These Republican clowns don't honor and respect the work and dedication of teachers, firefighters, and police officers. Because they don't understand or respect these professions, the Republicans dismantle our programs, cut funding, and refuse to educate themselves about our occupations.

Teachers, firefighters, and police officers should not vote for Republicans that will only come back and cut your job, take away your support system, and take your pensions.  (Remember:  Mitt Romney worked for Bain. Every single time Bain laid off workers, and cancelled their pensions and health insurance, Romney and the Bain executives got even more money.)  Think longterm before you vote.  Which candidate will provide funding, respect your work, support your pension and your issues, and make sure that you get the help  you need on the job (safety equipment, updated materials, security)?

••••  The Senate Republicans did a lot of a** kissing with Jamie Dimon of Chase today. Sen. Jim DeMint said the following to Jamie Dimon at the Senate hearing-- HuffPost:

“I would like to come away from the hearing today with some ideas on what you think we need to do, what we maybe need to take apart of what we’ve already done to allow the industry to operate better," he said. "I'm really honestly looking for some ideas."

Ridiculous. DeMint's pandering made me nauseous.