Friday, March 23, 2012

Hold on To Your Hats!

*  If you live in Ohio and are not a supporter of the Ohio GOP, you are probably enjoying the circular firing squad that the Republicans are using.  The feud between Gov. John Kasich and Ohio GOP Chair Kevin DeWine appears to involve ethics charges, people losing jobs, and lots of acrimony.

The good people over at Plunderbund have been following the dirty details and the text of info sent to the Ohio Ethics Commission.  (Note:  Be sure to read all of the comments below the post.)


...Below is the full text of the ethics complaint about Kasich and his staff that was sent to the Ohio Ethics Commission last week. It’s long – but definitely worth reading…..

1). Kasich allies threatened to do financial harm to Dayton Power & Light, an investor-owned utility subject to regulation by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, unless Jean Raga dropped out of the Central Committee contest. She is married to DP&L lobbyist Tom Raga, who supports Kevin DeWine’s continued employment as Ohio Republican Party Chairman.  The intimidation included blocking Mr. Raga’s participation in invitation-only meetings in the governor’s office. Mrs. Raga dropped out of the contest on the eve of the election.....

4).  Central Committee member Ebony Grantonz was urged to support efforts to topple DeWine and warned that her husband,Henry Kurtis, would not be reappointed to the Motor Vehicles Dealers Board, unless she said with Kasich allies. She refused; her husband was not reappointed......


*  If you are near to going on Medicare, or already on Medicare, you must look at the Paul Ryan budget plan.  His "path to prosperity" is really a path for the rich to get richer as they take more and more away from the Medicare program.  According to the Paul Ryan program, a Medicare recipient would not longer have Medicare administering the program.  A person would be given a coupon worth "X" number of dollars to go find health insurance.  If, for example, the coupon is worth $4,000 for the year 2013, the following year the coupon's worth goes to $3,000.  In successive years, the amount received continues to decrease until there is no coupon, no money, and no Medicare!!!!!!  What do Paul Ryan and the Republicans do with all that money that formerly went to the Medicare program????  They give that money to the wealthy in the form of tax cuts.  That is their path to prosperity!  It just isn't your prosperity.

Paul Ryan worships the atheistic doctrine of Ayn Rand, and in doing so believes that only the wealthy have the right to govern and control.  Ayn Rand considered everyone else "parasites."  Someone needs to step up and ask Republican Rep. Paul Ryan if he considers senior citizens "parasites" like Ayn Rand did.