Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mandel's Recycled Signs

* Vice President Jo Biden let Ohio autoworkers know that President Barack Obama saved their jobs and the entire American auto industry.


Vice President Joe Biden, who describes himself as a blue collar guy from gritty Scranton, Pa., appealed to autoworkers here today to give him and President Barack Obama a second term, saying they need more time to complete the economic recovery....

....Biden said the president “didn’t flinch” in deciding to allocate $62 billion in 2009 to bail out Chrysler and General Motors.

“He knew rescuing the industry wasn’t popular,” Biden said. “He knew he was taking a chance. But he believed. He said, ‘We are not going to give up on a million jobs, and the iconic industry America invented. Not without a fight.’ ”

If the country would had followed the advice of Mitt Romney, and always absent Ohio Treasurer, Josh Mandel, Ohio would have lost hundreds of thousands of jobs tied to the industry, the nation would have lost more jobs, and the foundation of American manufacturing ingenuity, the American car.   Thank goodness, President Obama pushed to save the auto industry.

>>>  To demonstrate the ridiculousness of the unending Josh Mandel campaigns, check out the picture below from Plunderbund's Twitpic:

Mandel campaign recycling Treasurer signs with duct tape and ... on Twitpic

I might suggest that Josh Mandel just use erasable pens for his campaign signs and literature so that he can reuse them every single time he plans to run for another office without finishing his term.

*****  The Republicans in the U.S. House and Senate haven't created one job, and so it continues.  Now the GOP is proposing to end Medicare.


Four conservative Republican senators kicked off a conversation Thursday on changes to Medicare, releasing a proposal that would end the federal fee-for-service insurance program in 2014 and enroll all recipients into the health insurance plan now offered to federal employees....

Yep.  The Republicans are at it again.