Monday, March 12, 2012

Kasich Still Trying to Go After Teachers

*  Ohio's Republican Gov. John Kasich is still trying to get back at teachers and those that support public education.  Kasich, one of the most unpopular governors in the country, continues to run counter to what Ohioans want in the state.  That is not stopping Kasich.  He seems to be on a one man crusade to please only the business leaders in the state.


Gov. John Kasich today “begged” the Ohio Board of Education to support Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson’s plan to overhaul education that could be used as a model in urban school districts across Ohio. “I’m begging you as human beings to not let this go down the drain,” Kasich told the state board at its monthly meeting today in Columbus.

Kasich also previewed some of the education initiatives he intends to include in his mid-biennium review to the state budget which he intends to unveil Wednesday. That includes ending “ social promotion” by requiring schools to provide tutoring or other intervention beginning in kindergarten to students who are behind in reading and not allow them to move on to the fourth grade if they fail the state reading test.....

“Where is the teacher’s voice?” asked Debbie Cain, a board member and retired teacher from Uniontown.

Kasich said teachers should be involved but cautioned that he wasn’t interested in hearing from anyone interested in keeping the status quo....

Really? Once again we see that John Kasich is not interested in anyone that opposes his views.  Kasich despises the public school teachers in Ohio. During the campaign for governor in 2010, Kasich said he wanted to "...break the back of organized labor in schools...."  After his election, Kasich said he wanted the teachers in the state to take our full page newspaper ads to apologize to him for what he says were lies about him.  Anyone that has been awake in Ohio can clearly see that Kasich is still trying to do whatever he can to remove public school teachers from any decision making on how Ohio educates our children. Teachers are the experts, not Kasich's lobbyist friends, campaign contributors, or Kasich's business pals.

Teachers have reached out to Kasich in an effort to open communication, but he has refused.  Those conferences/meetings he has had with teachers have been with only those that have been invited.  I've wondered if only registered Republican teachers were invited (like that teacher in the pro-SB5 ad that also was the chairman of the Fairfield County GOP--Kyle Farmer).

>>>  I hope that you've had the chance to view Doonesbury today.  Doonesbury has always provided a powerful commentary on issues.

*  *  *  The birthers are out again.  This time Republican Rep. Cliff Stearns of Florida has come out with his theories about President Obama's birth certificate.  I am tired of ignorant people like Cliff Stearns!  See the story about Stearns at RawStory.