Thursday, March 15, 2012

Women Need to Vote to Assert Their Power

Why aren't Republicans interested in the voices and opinions of women?  We definitely need more elected women in government, especially Democratic women. With what the Republicans have been offering lately (attacks on the rights of women, curbs on birth control, a reluctance to renew the the Violence Against Women Act, the Limbaugh and far right scandalous words about women, etc.), it is time that women personally take on and make a difference in the upcoming elections.  If you need a reminder of what women can do, watch this powerful YouTube video (as mentioned on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell):

>>>  The favorite candidate of payday lenders, Josh Mandel, is still reeling from all the negative publicity surrounding his trip for campaign money to the CFSA convention at the Atlantis in the Bahamas.

Mandel's absence from his office is of concern for a majority of Ohio's voters.  Many people are also worried about his lack of vision and knowledge because he opposed the auto bailout.  Doesn't Josh Mandel know that one out of eight Ohioans work for or have jobs that are connected to the American auto industry?  Doesn't he understand how President Obama's courage saved a vital American structure?

You might be interested to know that many people today still remember the ugly campaign that Josh Mandel ran against his Democratic opponent in his last election.


....In 2010 the OhioDaily obtained a copy of a letter sent to then Republican Treasurer candidate Josh Mandel from Canton, Oh. Rabbi Leah Herz, who scolded the young Mandel for race-bating:
Mr. Mandel, I do not question your heroism, and like all decent Americans I applaud your sacrifices while serving in our military.  As a Rabbi however, I say, “shame, shame” on the way you have behaved.  You are not a Nice Jewish Boy....

Many retirees don't like the fact that Josh Mandel has embraced the Paul Ryan budget plan which seeks to end Social Security and Medicare.