Friday, March 02, 2012

You Should Know....

John Boehner and his Republicans plan to keep waging the war against women.

NY Times:

The battle over whether to allow employers and health insurance companies to opt out of contraception coverage for reasons of religion or conscience may be over in the Senate, but House Speaker John A. Boehner signaled on Thursday that House Republicans would continue the fight....

...Democrats say Republicans, by picking a fight over contraception, had alienated women and political independents. The House Democratic leader, Representative Nancy Pelosi of California, called the measure “devastating legislation” in a statement Thursday.

“It’s just the latest ploy in the Republican agenda of disrespecting the health of American women,” she said....

In my humble opinion, the Republican agenda against contraceptives, having insurance pay for cancer screenings, and providing women with health coverage isn't about religious freedom.  The Republicans want to

(1)  oppose anything that allows women to make decisions on their own.
(2)  oppose anything that President Obama has proposed and instituted.
(3)  oppose anything that would help women financially and stand independently.
(4)  oppose any programs that create jobs, help schools, support the elderly.
(5)  waste valuable legislative time on cultural issues instead of getting people back to work.

If American women vote for conservative Republican candidates, we will continue to see these attacks on women's health issues. 

American women have already decided about their contraceptive wants and needs.  The last thing we need is some Republican male elected official coming between us and our physician.

Where are the jobs, John Boehner?  If the Republicans would have supported the President's plan on fixing bridges, roads, and infrastructure, there would be millions of jobs now.  Boehner & company would rather destroy the country, throw out your chance to get health coverage for routine female exams and screenings, than support President Obama's job plans.