Monday, March 05, 2012

Republican Elected Official Shirking Duties

>>>>>  Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, a candidate for the Senate, appears to be avoiding his duties as the state treasurer.  With Mandel missing 14 meetings of the State Board of Deposits, people are wondering how he continues to boldly skip the meetings that previous treasurers have attended.  Does Mandel think he is too important to fulfill the duties of his office? It is obvious that he often is out of the office in order to attend his own campaign events.  Today, he was scheduled to have breakfast in New York City as a guest of the Maverick PAC.  Yet Mandel thinks he is ready to move into the U.S. Senate.  If Josh Mandel cannot complete the duties of his current office, how can he move to a higher office?

There are other people worried about Josh Mandel's lack of honesty and his unwillingness to share his opinions.  On several occasions, his staff has prevented him from answering questions.  He has been vague on his responses to some questions or he just repeats his talking points.  In an article published in the Youngstown Vindicator, Josh Mandel "...said he is developing a plan to “rescue the auto industry.”  Really. You almost wonder if he doesn't follow the news and is unaware of what is happening.

A post over at TheTeaPartyisDead, has a few more of the misgivings that some people are having about Josh Mandel:

...Josh Mandel’s campaign is running on Mandel’s story and not any issues. The voters of Ohio need to ask why. If you go to Mandel’s issues page, you will only see one or two very small paragraphs about where he stands on a few issues which barely cover what a U.S. Senator will be dealing with if he elected to the Senate. Mandel does not have a public position on the NDAA, SOPA, PIPA, civil liberties, the auto bailouts, etc., and was also the only Republican candidate who did not participate in the Numbers USA Survey....

Mandel's list of gaffes and missteps should be used as a guide for future candidates. Luckily, AmericanBridgePAC has a few of Mandel's "unfortunate events"-------

  • Mandel “Aggressively Worked” Fundraising And Speaking Tours As State Treasurer While Office Schedule Was Neglected. [AP, 1/14/12]
  • Mandel’s First Senate Campaign Flight Occurred Less Than One Month After Taking Office As State Treasurer[AP, 1/14/12]
  • February 2012: Mandel Skipped 14th Consecutive Board Of Deposit Meeting, Still Failed To Attend A Single Meeting Since Taking Office. [Columbus Dispatch, 2/23/12]
  • Mandel Disclosed His Personal Finances 177 Days Late. [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 11/4/11; Mandel Personal Financial Disclosure]
  • Mandel Released Official Schedules, Did Not Include Out-Of-State Fundraising Trips. [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 1/20/12]
  • Mandel Attack On Sherrod Brown Rated “Pants On Fire” By PolitiFact. [PolitiFact Ohio, 11/18/11]...
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Let me also remind Ohio voters------  Josh Mandel supported SB 5.