Wednesday, April 21, 2010

45 to 1? Are you kidding?

It is a sad, sad day in Cleveland Schools. With the possibility of huge teacher layoffs, classrooms will be difficult to manage and learning will suffer.

...In the third through twelfth grade, it would be forty-five to one. In kindergarten through third grade, it would be forty to one.

The administration says teacher cuts would make up $20 million, of the $52 million of next year's projected deficit.....

That is outrageous! Not only will very little learning take place, the classroom can become a dangerous place. How do I know that? My own teaching experience allows me to provide some information. In one of my teaching assignments, I taught six classes/day with 30 students in each class. There is a point when a teacher no longer teaches, but maintains order. Then of course, there are problems with not enough supplies/books, little or no individual help being provided for students, behavior problems, learning problems, etc., etc., etc. It will be an impossible task.

Now there are some people out there that will say that teachers do nothing in the classroom and that anyone can be a teacher. Those people are wrong. Some people, no matter how smart they think they are, would be unable to deal with a classroom of 45 seventh graders.

If the Cleveland school board truly wants to be in the business of educating children, they cannot allow these student-teacher ratios to get to these excessive numbers. They've got to find another way to fix the schools without laying off teachers, even if it means they have to eliminate unnecessary administrators.