Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Ohio Voters Are Paying Attention

* The Republican U.S. Senator responsible for not extending unemployment benefits is Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma (see CNN story). You may contact Sen. Coburn at this link.

*** Sounds to me like John Kasich thinks that Ohio voters can't walk and chew gum at the same time. Here is what Kasich had to say when asked about his proposal to end the state income tax.


...Kasich described his style by saying, "I'm not a technocrat. I'm a change agent. And I'm a big change agent. I think about doing things differently."

Asked how a "change agent" would cut government, Kasich demurred. Kasich said he's been working on a plan for a couple of years and has "run a couple of simulations. So we know we can get this done."

But he will not share details now, because Ohioans, he cracked, are distracted by other things. "I will be more specific with you all when we get to the fall and people are not watching the WWF and might want to pay attention," he said....

Does Kasich think that people aren't paying attention to what he does and says? We all know how much Kasich made at Lehman Brothers and how he got that huge $432,200 bonus, as reported by Ohio.com. Sounds to me like Kasich has a very low opinion of the Ohio voter.

Note to Kasich: "WWF" is the World Wildlife Federation. "WWE" is the World Wrestling Entertainment (the name changed in 2002). While you were at Lehman Brothers, the World Wrestling Federation became World Wrestling Entertainment.

If Kasich would be elected and would be able to eliminate the state income tax, all kinds of cuts would have to happen.
From http://www.kasichcuts.com/

For residents of zip code 43214, the Reckless Kasich Cuts in Franklin County would include:

$32,487,086 cut from local police and fire departments, parks, public health and other local services.

$15,619,976 cut from local libraries.

$172,234,247 cuts from local school districts.

$73,348,908 cut Columbus City School District

Ohio voters ARE paying attention and we are aware of how dangerous Kasich's proposals would be for our state and our families.