Friday, April 30, 2010

Telling It Like It Would Be

By now, every Ohio voter has heard that Republican candidate for Ohio governor, John Kasich, wants to eliminate the state income tax. Kasich has refused to go into deal as to which agencies, programs, departments, and other current government offices, would be cut. There has been some number crunching and people have come up with some numbers.

At a news conference in Richland County, Chris Redfern, Chair of the Ohio Democratic Party, outlined the cuts that would happen if Kasich has his way.

...Redfern said Richland County would lose $2.67 million in the county's general fund. He said the police department and fire department would lose $1.89 million and the library system would lose $26 million.

He said the Mansfield City School District would lose $9.3 million and Ontario Schools would lose $732,000....

...Redfern said Kasich also has not disclosed his employment at the investment firm Lehman Brothers. He said Kasich worked at the firm for 10 years. The collapse of the firm led to $480 million in losses across five state pension funds.

What is Kasich hiding? Did he profit while the state pension funds lost money? Ohio voters want to know.