Thursday, April 22, 2010


*** The Republican National Committee is having some financial problems, according to Politico. This is not a surprise. When you have fundraisers at bondage bars and spend money on a meeting in Hawaii, something has got to give.

** Every single time I see Rep. Darrell Issa on TV (he is on MSNBC), I remember his past. It is just difficult to believe anything he says.

* It doesn't take a political analyst to figure out that Republican Jon Husted, candidate for Ohio Secretary of State, is in deep trouble for his primary. Husted, who represents Kettering but lives in Upper Arlington, has claimed to have "Tea Party" values. However, Tea Party members have very vehemently denied any association with Husted. Husted is running TV ads, sometimes twice per hour, in central Ohio. IF he makes it through the primary, he might not have any campaign funds available for the general election. That would be a good day.