Friday, April 23, 2010

Why does Glenn Beck hate college educated teachers?

Yesterday on his MSNBC-TV program, Ed Schultz played part of the Glenn Beck radio program from the afternoon. As the tape revealed, Beck was on a tirade against college educated teachers, Progressives, public schools, and other things.

Media Matters has the details.

Glenn Beck supports homeschooling because his family is able to do it on his huge salary and because his religious beliefs support it. However, not everyone can or should homeschool their children. Beck goes on and accuses public school teachers who are "...from an accredited university to teach your children..."

It is obvious to me that Glenn Beck doesn't have a high regard for those who are college educated. It might be because he does not have a college education or perhaps he just plain despises educated individuals. When he goes after college educated teachers "..from an accredited university..", then he just goes off completely.

Beck doesn't understand what a college education does for a person since he has never experienced it. He doesn't get that people expand their minds, read classic literature, and learn about people/events/theories, that they were never exposed to in high school. The fact that he insults college educated teachers demonstrates his ignorance about what kind of preparation it takes to be a teacher. As a former teacher myself, I know that my college degrees and certifications have provided me with the knowledge it takes to understand, teach, problem solve, and guide students.

There might be another reason behind Beck's lack of respect for college educated teachers and all educated people---- he wants people to stay uneducated so that they will believe all the garbage that comes out of his mouth. Beck loves the sheeple that hang on his every word and follow his directions. He doesn't want people to question his instructions.