Thursday, April 08, 2010

In The News

* If you missed the Rachel Maddow Show's running of the unedited tape from James O'Keefe, you must still believe what Fox News told you!

Raw Story has the tape and the complete story behind the O'Keefe lies.

....But as Maddow pointed out, in the previously unreleased portion of the video, the employee continues asking very detailed questions about O'Keefe's phone number and the exact time and location of the girls' arrival. "What's this ACORN guy going to do with all that information?" Maddow wondered. "Oh, he calls the police and reports what they've told him is going to be a crime."

According to Jerry Brown's report (pdf), "Immediately after the couple left, Vera telephoned his cousin, Detective Alejandro Hernandez, at the National City Police Department... [and said] that a self-admitted prostitute had been to the office and was discussing human smuggling."

...the unedited tape reveals that the encouraging words came after O'Keefe had told the employee that he and his prostitute girlfriend were having trouble finding a house because she is "in a unique line of work." Her "never give up" meant to keep trying different banks until one said yes...

What a surprise!!!!! Jame O'Keefe edited the tape to smear Acorn!

The headline from Bradblog says it all---

Giles Admits O'Keefe, Breitbart ACORN 'Pimp' Story Was A Lie: 'That Was B-Roll, Purely B-Roll'

** Which political party's candidates get the most contributions from Don Blankenship of Massey Energy (Blankenship is the owner of the mine that recently killed mine workers in West Virginia.)?

Republicans! Why? Republicans tend to overlook little things like violations, worker safety, because they are pro-business (even if pro-business means anti-worker).

An Ohio Republican has received a donation from Blankenship, according to

MASSEY ENERGY/CEO6/18/09$1,000 Portman, Rob (R)

** According to Follow the Money, Jon Husted, over the years, has received quite a lot of campaign money from banks employees, bank PACs, and Bank lobbyists. They must like how he votes.