Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stopping Recovery

The party of "No!" has slowed down the process of government. According to the, Republicans Senators have put super secret holds on 80 of President Obama's nominations:

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) is trying to flush out Senate Republicans who have placed secret holds on nearly 80 of President Barack Obama’s nominees.... ...McCaskill said that under Senate procedural rules passed in 2007, Republicans who have placed anonymous holds on nominees would have to reveal themselves within six days.... ....McCaskill said a total of about 80 nominees have passed through various committees without objection but have been held up on the Senate floor by various GOP senators who are trying to use them as bargaining chips....

The Republicans are not helping our country progress toward an economic recovery. They are just obstructing the everyday working of our country. With no new ideas or solutions, the Republicans just want everyone to stop the government.

**** Republican Bush family friend and former member of the Bush administration, Rob Portman is calling on all his buddies for help in his campaign for U.S. Senate. Do you think he'll ask former President George W. Bush or former Vice President Cheney to campaign for him?
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