Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Worth a Read

If you want to support companies that support Democrats, check out the second edition of The Blue Pages, by Angie Crouse and the Center for Responsive Politics. As listed on the cover, it is "..a directory of companies rated by their politics and practices." I plan to use it to guide my future purchases.

- On the Rachel Maddow Show, she mentioned that people are talking about boycotting products that are made in Arizona because of their new immigration law. Rachel noted that those cans of Arizona Ice Tea are made in New York. Here is a link to a list of corporations headquartered in Arizona- PadresUnidos.

- Voters in Ohio's 12th congressional district are asking themselves the following question:
What has Republican Rep. Pat Tiberi done for me lately? Tiberi has been very disappointing to
his constituents. He rarely takes on any leadership role and appears to follow John Boehner's
every order. Many of his constituents feel that he really hasn't helped them. He voted against the
stimulus, but then begged for stimulus money for his district.

- Republican Rep. Mike Turner (OH-3rd) has an opponent in the GOP primary. Rene Oberer, a Tea Party activist, is running against Turner. The Dayton Daily News has a few bits of information that tell a lot about Oberer:

....She wants Social Security privatized and she does not support Medicare....

....She opposes most government regulations, saying the Civil Rights Act passed in the 1960s was unnecessary because the pre-Civil War Constitution already protected equal rights. She also believes businesses should be allowed to hire or serve whoever they want, even if that means excluding blacks.

“I think racism is the other way now. I think white males, especially, are being discriminated against,” Oberer said....

OMG. I guess we can see that racism is alive in Ohio 3rd district and it seems to be coming out of the mouth of Rene Oberer.