Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Arizona Has It Wrong

The new immigration law in Arizona is a complete mistake. As an American, I am offended by this bill. Even though a majority of Americans are outraged by the tone and substance of the law, it does have supporters. The people who support this law are those right wing, white, old, Republicans who are afraid of people who are not white like them. They fear change. They fear losing power and influence.

Why do the right wing Republicans in Arizona feel the need to go after these poor people when they should be targeting the employers and business owners who are employing people without verifying their right to work there? If the Arizona legislators want to penalize someone, go after the employers who hire undocumented workers, pay them under the table, and then make more money by exploiting them. But no! The right wing Republicans in Arizona would never, ever go after the business people! Shame on Arizona's lawmakers and anyone who believes this law is a good thing.

To add insult to injury, John Boehner, Republican leader said this:

(First Read MSNBC)

House Republican Leader John Boehner told reporters today that he "respected" Arizona's newly-passed immigration law. At a brief press conference following the weekly House Republican leadership meeting, Boehner carefully avoided saying whether or not he agreed with the law, but said, "We respect the people of Arizona and their right to write their own laws."

He respects their law? I don't. Previously, I have visited Arizona three times, but they won't get a penny of my money now. No one wants to visit a place where people are oppressed and discriminated against.

This law is just like an updated version of the old Jim Crow laws because it restricts the rights of human beings. Where in America have people been ever asked to "show their papers" and birth certificate to a law enforcement person when they were simply walking down the street? If Boehner and the Republicans continue to support this inhumane law, they will certainly pay a price in future elections. It is no wonder that minorities and women are running away from the Republican Party.