Friday, April 02, 2010

Right Wing World

We have some information on those letters that were sent out to the 50 governors.

The man at the center of the Guardians of the free Republics is Texas talk-show host Sam Kennedy – and he's already gotten a Texas radio station in hot water as law enforcement reacted rapidly to what has been construed as a direct threat to all 50 US governors.

Mr. Kennedy "is the focal point of this, these guardians. He was in the mix in setting this whole thing up, and he's up to his eyeballs in this Restore America project," says John Stadtmiller, who runs Republic Broadcasting Network based in Round Rock, Texas, which broadcasts Kennedy's weekly "Take No Prisoners" show. Restore America project, as articulated on the Guardians of the free Republics website, is part screed, part call to action to depose an illegitimate government in favor of restoring the people's "common law."

....The FBI interviewed Kennedy for two hours Friday but did not arrest him, Stadtmiller says. The interview focused on two shows Kennedy did two months ago about the Restore America project, in which Kennedy set a March 31 deadline as the day we "begin to reclaim the continent." The letters mailed to the governors were part of that plan, confirms Stadtmiller....

Where the heck do these people get these crazy ideas?

***Republican millionaire and candidate for Ohio governor, John Kasich, has revealed some information about his income. Business First:

....Kasich’s 2008 tax return showed he had taxable income of $1,145,156 that year. The biggest source was $587,175 from Lehman Brothers where he was managing director of the Columbus office until the New York financial company’s collapse in September 2008. That sum included $182,692 in salary for 2008 and $432,200 in bonuses earned for 2007 but paid on Jan. 31, 2008.

....His other sources of income included $165,719 from speaking engagements, $121,922 in investment income, $77,273 for serving as a director at Invacare Corp. (NYSE:IVC) and Worthington Industries Inc. (NYSE:WOR), $61,538 as a business adviser to Schottenstein Property Group, $45,426 as a presidential fellow at Ohio State University and $28,028 from Barclays Plc, which acquired some of Lehman Brothers’ business lines in 2008.

The tax return showed Kasich paid $463,288 in taxes in 2008, including $365,564 to the federal government. He donated $27,326 to charity....

Kasich had a taxable income of $1,145,156 and gave a paltry $27,326 to charity? I had always heard Kasich was a tightwad, but now there is proof. He gave just over 2% to charity. Wow.

>>>> Those Republicans certainly know how to spend their campaign contributions--- limousines, xxx clubs, and the fancy life. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.