Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Complete Opposites

The Dayton Daily News has compared the congressional voting record of Gov. Ted Strickland with former Lehman Brothers investment banker, John Kasich.

Dayton Daily News:

During the six years Democrat Ted Strickland and Republican John Kasich served together in Congress, they were on opposite sides of issues such as guns, taxes and trade.....

....A Dayton Daily News examination of Strickland and Kasich’s years in Congress reveals a stark contrast in how they approach issues. Kasich voted against raising the minimum wage, increasing funding for a nutritional program for pregnant women, and against the Clinton balanced budget that included a tax increase. He voted in favor of NAFTA and free trade with China, limiting lawsuit damages for small businesses, eliminating 252,000 federal jobs, and making deep spending cuts.

Strickland voted the opposite way....

The article goes on and notes that Kasich has yet to reveal what programs he'd cut or his "positions on issues." The story failed to note that Kasich tried to end grants for poor college students and student aid. He also tried to cut funding for poor children, working families, while still giving tax cuts to the rich.

With Kasich unwilling to share anything, including his tax returns, voters are left wondering exactly where he stands on important programs, how many public schools and libraries he'd close, and possible cuts. In the past, Kasich always supported tax cuts for the rich while being willing to sacrifice the lives of children, students, and working families. Are we to surmise that he'd take this type of action again?