Thursday, June 17, 2010

Joe Barton-- Oil Man

There is a phenomenal post at Daily Kos by "blackwaterdog" about President Obama's accomplishment in getting BP to take both moral and financial responsibility for their massive oil spill.  There are a number of quotes by many people who are happy with President Obama's quiet, but relentless pursuit of making BP own up to their obligations. 

Also included in the post is this You Tube video called "How Dummies Report the Gulf Oil Crisis."


Thank goodness that President Obama  doesn't listen to those right wing talking heads and Republicans.  They will continue to criticize President Obama because they have  no alternatives to offer the American people and so they resort to trying to destroy him.

*  Rachel Maddow said that Rep. Joe "I apologize to BP" Barton is a former executive for ARCO.  ARCO, the Atlantic Richfield Company, was bought by.........BP.

Here is a new report on OpenSecrets about Barton:

After BP Chief Executive Officer Tony Hayward had expressed his contrition to members of Congress for the ongoing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, a long-time friend of the oil industry, Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas), today issued an apology to Hayward for his harsh treatment at the hands of the White House.

Barton, speaking at a congressional hearing, called the $20 billion escrow account set up by BP to pay for claims related to the spill, a "shakedown" on the part of the Obama administration....

...(Update 5:37 p.m.:) Additional Center for Responsive Politics analysis shows that Barton's candidate committee and leadership PAC combined have received $1.67 million from the oil and gas industry since the 1990 election cycle. 

No wonder Barton apologized to BP------ he loves their campaign money.  People on the Gulf, Barton doesn't feel your pain. 

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