Monday, June 21, 2010

Signs for Your Door

Seth Morgan, former Republican candidate for Ohio Auditor, will be helping the Kasich campaign, according to the Dayton Daily News.

Since the Kasich campaign will be going door-to-door in Franklin County, it might be time to put up a sign that says:

No Soliciting by Former Employees of Lehman Brothers


If You Are A Republican, Go Away


This House Supports Democrats!
(Right wingers stay away!)

*  Nice posting at Buckeye State Blog's Facebook page:
Buckeye State Blog Dear Foursquare friend who just checked in at a Kettering, OH venue, could you check on Jon Husted's house for him?
 * Has Republican Joe Barton apologized to any corporate executives yet today????
*  Does anyone have an idea when John Kasich will release all of his tax returns????  Did someone mention the Twelfth of NEVER??????  Is he covering up bigger bonuses at Lehman Brothers?