Saturday, June 12, 2010

Some Facts and Figures

The Dayton Daily News found an interesting fact about John Kasich:

As a state senator running for Congress, Republican John Kasich voluntarily released three years of income tax returns and challenged his opponent to do the same, according to newspaper articles published in 1982....

“This is pure hypocrisy,” said Lis Smith, spokesman for Gov. Ted Strickland’s re-election campaign. “After releasing his tax returns and touting his transparency in his 1982 campaign for Congress, Congressman Kasich is now saying that Ohioans don’t have a right to know how much money he made working at Lehman Brothers, sitting on corporate boards, and giving paid professional speeches across the country.”

Paul Beck, a professor at Ohio State, added this----

“The danger for the Kasich people, is it will look like he is hiding something and that will force him maybe in the end to release them — unless of course he really is hiding something,’’ said Paul Beck, a professor of political science at Ohio State University. “I think what Kasich has to worry about is people will sort of develop this impression of him as someone who got rich on Wall Street at a time when Wall Street was doing things that proved to very detrimental to us. He doesn’t want them to form that impression.’’

What is Kasich hiding????

*** has a comparison between the two candidates for Ohio Auditor:

A Republican auditor candidate caught in a bitter tea-party turf battle this spring has raised only a fraction of the campaign cash of his Democratic rival in the most recent reporting period.

GOP Auditor candidate David Yost reported raising $50,509 to Democrat David Pepper’s $437,000. At the end of the post-primary reporting period, Pepper had $1.2 million in the bank compared to Yost’s $38,000....

David Pepper is an immensely popular and highly-qualified candidate:

....In 2006, David challenged Hamilton County Commission President (and former Lt. Gov candidate) Phil Heimlich in 2006, after the County’s direction reached a low point under the Heimlich-DeWine majority. By winning numerous cross-over voters, and winning outright in some traditionally Republican areas, David (53%) was the leading Democratic vote getter of all the Democrats (statewide) on the County ballot. David’s win marked the first time Democrats have held the County majority in 40 years.

Taking office in January 2007, David arrived at a County government that had been badly mismanaged—a squandered reserve fund, wasteful spending, questionable ethics and management practices, poor relations with the state and City, and underinvested and unsuccessful economic development. Since he arrived, David has fought to clean up the mess: adding fiscally prudent policies and reforms to assure responsibility and accountability while eliminating waste and reducing overall spending by tens of millions of dollars; implementing ethics reforms; improving relations with the city and state; pushing to reform the criminal justice system; and investing in new economic growth and recovery strategies, creating thousands of jobs and successfully moving forward on the Banks project to revitalize Ohio and Cincinnati’s riverfront.....

Check out David Pepper's website for more information.