Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sour Grapes

Now that the Kasich campaign has reacted with sour grapes about not getting the endorsement of the NRA, the Kasich people are acting like spoiled children.  It is clear to see why Strickland got the NRA endorsement.  All you need to do is look at Ted Strickland's previous endorsements/interest group ratings from when he was in Congress.  According to Project Vote Smart, Strickland had the following ratings by the NRA on gun issues while he served in Congress:

    2000 NRA rated Ted Strickland    A+
    2002 NRA rated Ted Strickland    A
    2004 NRA rated Ted Strickland    A

An opinion piece published in the Toledo Blade (obviously written by a Kasich supporter), said that Governor Strickland Caves in to the NRA...  What?  Apparently, the people in the Kasich campaign are now whining, screaming, and acting like two year olds because they didn't get their coveted endorsement from the NRA.

>>>  In an attempt to find something good to write about John "Lehman Brothers" Kasich, the Dispatch has a story that notes that Kasich has more small donors than Strickland.  I predict that next week, the Dispatch will say that Kasich has more right hand voters than the Governor.  The Dispatch and their right wing babble is getting ridiculous.

****  Even a newspaper in a Republican stronghold is reporting about the attempt by  the Kasich campaign to cover up the full losses of the OPERS pension fund.
The Lancaster Gazette:

A campaign operative of Republican gubernatorial candidate John Kasich gave a state pension fund advice on how to explain its Lehman Brothers losses to reporters, e-mail obtained by The Associated Press shows....

....The $59 billion pension fund, one of the largest in the state and nation, was preparing to answer questions about the losses as Democrats in Washington and Columbus were drawing attention to the issue. The party has made Kasich's time as a managing director at the now-defunct investment bank a central theme in Ohio's fall campaign for governor....

....In his May 3 e-mail, Kasich spokesman Scott Milburn advised Ohio Public Employees Retirement System executive Carol Drake that it would be "valuable to explain" that Lehman investments included not only Lehman stock and securities but money the firm invested in other companies, such as McDonald's....

As noted in the article, Scott Milburn and Carol Drake both worked for disgraced former Gov. Bob Taft, a Republican.  McDonald's stock?  Anyone with an interest in the stock market knows that the McDonald's stock has been doing extremely well for  years.

* Why did Josh Mandel vote against our schools?  Buckeye State Blog (3/19/10) has this:

Late yesterday it came to my attention that Josh Mandel, the Republican candidate for Treasurer of State, issued a big “screw you” to Ohio’s schools.
He did this by voting against H.B. 462; a reappropriations bill that, among other things, provides:
  • $94.4 million for school construction and emergency school building assistance;
  • $74.6 million for the popular voter-initiated Clean Ohio fund;
  • $3.5 million to support the Ohio School for the Blind; and
  • $4.3 million to expand “mandown” emergency alert services to the four Ohio correctional institutions without these life-saving services.
Not only did Mandel’s vote set him at odds with the majority of his Republican colleagues, it also put him at odds with himself. This bill was largely the same as the one two years ago, and Mandel voted yes on that one....

Shame.  Oh, no!  Mandel is a flip flopper!!!!  Why did Mandel not support our children and the children at the Ohio School for the Blind????????