Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Kasich Caught On Tape

As ModernEsquire notes at Plunderbund:

....The amazing thing is that despite his private sector experience involves almost entirely of the biggest bankruptcy in American history, John Kasich still presents himself as a “successful businessman.”

Republican Ohio gubernatorial candidate John Kasich tried to persuade two state pension funds in 2002 to invest with Lehman Brothers while he was the managing director of the investment banking house’s Columbus office.

In a reply to questions, Kasich campaign officials acknowledged that the former Columbus-area congressman helped arrange the two meetings between Lehman officials and representatives of the Ohio Police and Fire Pension Fund and the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System, known as OPERS...

State records show that Ohio’s public pension funds lost more than $480 million as a result of the collapse of banking giant Lehman Brothers....

Huffington Post found John Kasich admitting what we already knew (You Tube):

In case you missed it-
In 2008 John Kasich admitted, "I work on Wall Street."

Kasich is planning on a visit to Dublin, Ohio. Dublin has one of the best school districts in the state. Students and teachers work hard and have demonstrated excellence in the classroom. However, if Kasich is elected governor of Ohio, Dublin stands to lose a lot when Kasich starts making his budget cuts.


Reckless Kasich Cuts in Franklin County:

cut from local police and fire departments,
parks, public health and other local services.

cut from local libraries.

cut from local school districts.

cut from Dublin City SD.

Parents, students, teachers, and all residents of Dublin need to ask Kasich what other cuts he'll make if elected. Where will the Dublin school district and the city of Dublin find the money to fund programs, employ teachers/firefighters/police/librarians/support staff, and continue the excellence in their schools if Kasich is elected?