Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh, Please!

Is John Kasich just trying to reinvent himself? According to the DaytonDailyNews, Kasich plans to have a new website where he will solicit ideas from the public on how to fix Ohio. There are several reasons Kasich might be doing this:

1. The National Republican Party already has a similar site and Kasich, not known for having his own original ideas, is just copying their concept.

2. He is just trying to re-launch his pathetic, monotonous campaign propaganda because it has already bored most people in the state.

3. Kasich is trying to get some attention away from his Wall Street career. He wants to distract people away from the fact that his former employer, Lehman Brothers, risked and lost millions of dollars from Ohio pension funds.

>>>>> I noticed that there are many disgruntled people from Dayton who leave comments on the various political news items written by the Dayton Daily News. They wonder why Dayton/Kettering seems to have lost so much.

Jon Husted, elected from Kettering, got so bored with the area that he left, married someone in Upper Arlington, and hardly ever returns to his house in Kettering. Husted doesn't care about Kettering and has invested his time and campaign money in going for higher office. Kettering and Dayton are the last things on Husted's mind. (Why do you think he missed the NCR move?)

Big shot, John "NO!" Boehner, is so full of himself, his golf score, his suntan, and his extravagant lifestyle (hanging out with lobbyists on fancy golf courses, sipping champagne) that he has paid little attention to bringing jobs back to his home district. Why do people continue to vote for this self-centered clown? What has he done for you lately?

Dayton and Kettering are suffering because Boehner and Husted are more concerned with their own needs and ambitions than those of their constituents. It is as simple as that. As long as you continue to vote for Boehner and Husted, you will miss the opportunity to improve your lives.