Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Will Hatch go after Issa?

I saw this over at Dailykos and thought it deserved a mention. Apparently, Rep. Darrell Issa also has made some claims about his own military career, which was published by in 1998:

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Darrell Issa says that during the Vietnam War he served with an elite Army bomb unit, traveling with then-President Richard Nixon to protect him from harm.

He attended baseball's World Series in 1971 as part of the president's security entourage, Issa once told an interviewer....

(Note: Nixon did not attend that World Series.)

....According to records and interviews, Issa's service on the bomb squad was marred by a bad conduct rating, a demotion and allegations that he had stolen a fellow soldier's car...

Ouch! For more details, read the entire article at Will Sen. Hatch's plan called "Stolen Valor" also call into question some of Issa's claims?