Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Notes and Updates....

This just in.... As reported on MSNBC-TV, Gen. McChrystal has been relieved of his command.  Gen. Petraeus will be his successor.

President Obama is scheduled to meet with Gen. McChrystal this morning at 9:45am.  This follows the publishing of the story in Rolling Stone magazine.  The President will have a statement at approximately 11:30am.

***  DaytonDailyNews:

Gov. Ted Strickland led a list of VIP’s at the Tuesday, June 22, official opening of Dayton Power & Light’s Yankee Solar Array....

.....DP&L’s 1.1 megawatt facility at 9975 Yankee St. should be able to supply, on average, 150 households annually with power. On bright days, estimates indicate it could kick out enough power for up to 750 homes, a potent source during peak air-conditioning season. In July, the facility’s information display that shows hourly power output will be open to the public.

Last week, Juwi Solar Inc., of Colorado announced it finished installing Ohio’s largest solar power array, a 12-megawatt project in Wyandot County. Juwi said it also agreed to build solar systems for three high schools there. The Wyandot project began generating on May 26 for Columbus Southern Power and Ohio Power Company, operating companies of American Electric Power....

*****  ColumbusDispatch:

Coda Automotive has submitted its application for a federal loan that would enable the company to build a battery factory in Columbus.
Now, company and city and state leaders will need to wait for the U.S. Department of Energy to consider the plan and make a decision. How long that might be is not known. The factory would provide about 1,000 manufacturing jobs....


Swing State Project has an update about the governor's race in Ohio. (Note: I have purposely edited out words that some might find inappropriate.)  I'm sure you'll get the point about Kasich's remarks and the SwingStateProject's take on the Kasich's comments.

 > The view from SwingStateProject:

  • OH-Gov: As Dave Catanese says, on the campaign trail, "a candidate's humble upbringing is almost always safe from attack." So you really have to wonder why in the #*@k  John Kasich thought it would be a good idea to mock Ted Strickland's background, braying about his opponent: "Having grown up in a chicken shack on Duck Run, he has all but ignored our cities' economies and their workers." Not that you needed it, but even more evidencethat Kasich is a grade-A schmuck with a tin ear: He told Alan Colmes he would not be "singing in any chorus for LeBron James" to help keep the NBA uber-star Ohio' #1 Citizen in Cleveland....

  • By making fun of Strickland's childhood poverty, this only confirms our belief that John Kasich is a complete, pompous, rich, elitist, egomaniacal, schmuck. While Kasich got millions of dollars as an investment banker with Lehman Brothers, people in Ohio with money invested with Lehman saw their retirement funds lose money.  Not only did people lose money with Lehman, but they lost their security and peace of mind.

    It is apparent the John Kasich doesn't care about anyone but himself and his rich friends.