Thursday, August 18, 2011

Costing $387.65/Day

Ohio Gov. John Kasich developed some very rich tastes while he worked on Wall Street. Now, as governor, having a state-owned plane at his disposal is just too much fun for him.  Unfortunately, while Kasich has asked the middle class workers to sacrifice, seniors are being thrown out of nursing homes, schools have had huge budget cuts, funds for libraries have been cut, etc., it is apparent that Kasich is living in the lap of luxury with his high flying habits.


....With 43 flights logged thus far in his fledgling administration, apparently this is a risk the Kasich administration is willing to take.

The governor has taken some heat in recent months for his affinity for flying the $400-an-hour state plane all over Ohio about as often as he can, or at least a couple times a week, according to flight records.....

....Astute members of the Dayton Daily News staff crunched numbers to report that Kasich's aerial jaunts are costing Ohioans more than five times what Strickland accrued. The Daily News assessed the high cost of gubernatorial flying on a daily rate, and found that state taxpayers are spending $387.65 a day for Kasich's state-plane use compared with $201.75 for Taft and $77.58 for Strickland......

This is just another example of the Kasich mantra, "Do as I say, not as I do."