Sunday, August 07, 2011

Tea Party Republicans Still Want to End Your Medicare

The Tea Party Republicans have not given up on their goal to eliminate your Medicare.


....Thousands of Tea Party movement activists are expected to descend this month on town hall meetings across key battleground states as part of an intensifying campaign ahead of the 2012 presidential and congressional elections.....

.....But FreedomWorks, which helped found and shape the Tea Party movement, sees its campaign as the opening salvo in a long battle to secure a place for the Ryan plan in the 2012 debate and the legislative session that will begin in January 2013.

The gambit poses risks for Republicans in swing states including Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio, which FreedomWorks is targeting...

Of course, when people vote for members of the House and Senate in 2012, those people who support the platform of the Tea Party, will continue their plan to destroy Medicare. Only Republicans are members of the Tea Party.  Here in Ohio's 15th congressional district, Steve Stivers, was promoted and endorsed by the TPR (Tea Party Republicans).