Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Eyes on Kasich

A very interesting column at today's Huffington Post shows that lots of people from around the nation are looking at Gov. John Kasich's actions.  To be honest, I don't think most people admire Kasich's attacks on the working middle class people in Ohio. Those of us who are against SB 5 and plan to vote against Issue 2, should take a look at Dan Bimrose's take on SB 5 and Kasich's talk about compromise.


....Ohio citizens were so unhappy with this bill that they started gathering signatures so that the people could vote on the bill themselves. 231,149 signatures were required. More than 1.3 million signatures were obtained.....

....It is rumored that many campaign donors have asked that their donations be returned. Perhaps he just wants to make sure his campaign coffers are kept full.....

....It would not surprise me if the powers that be in national Republican politics just may have sent a message to John Kasich. The message may have strongly suggested that unless he puts the SB5 situation to rest very soon then he should expect no national party support in his efforts to win reelection....

I hope that those groups that have rescinded their endorsements of Republican candidates have asked for a refund of their contributions.  It can be done.

Even though Kasich has been seen on the national media bragging about how he has turned around Ohio, those of us in the state know the truth:  Kasich has not improved anything in Ohio--- school funding has been decreased, transparency has practically disappeared, senior citizens are being thrown out of nursing homes, and the men and women of Ohio that have been the foundation of the workforce in the state, are losing workers' rights.

Vote NO on Issue 2.