Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Special Title

* Citybeat in Cincinnati has given a special title to Gov. John Kasich, Republican of Ohio:

JOHN KASICH: Hypocrisy, thy name is Kasich. Even though Ohio’s new governor ran campaign commercials last year attacking then-Gov. Ted Strickland’s use of state-owned airplanes for travel, Kasich already has used such planes more in just 81 days as Strickland did during his entire first year in office. A Dayton Daily News analysis of state records shows Kasich used the planes for purposes like flying to Cincinnati to announce a staff appointment, and flying to Toledo, Akron and Youngstown to speak to chambers of commerce. In his first 81 days in office, the Republican governor used the planes for 16 in-state trips and four out-of-state trips at a total cost of $31,400. By comparison, former Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland spent $31,849 on plane travel during his first 13 months in office. The paper reported that, on a daily rate, Ohio is spending $387.65 for Kasich’s state-plane use. Looks like it’s hard for Kasich to give up his free-spending Wall Street ways.

Nice touch!  Of course, this is just another reason that explains why Kasich's approval rating is in the toilet.