Friday, August 12, 2011

Pay Attention!

*  There are many things I'd rather do than watch a bunch of pompous, corporate-defending, Republicans engage in a "debate" from Iowa.  I did not watch one minute of the drivel.

* An interesting little drama is going on with an Ohio Republican.  Instead of trying to hide because of the fact that his face has been plastered all over the media, an Ohio Republican has sought to bring some additional attention to his behavior.


State Rep. Jarrod Martin, R-Beavercreek, pleaded not guilty Thursday to a child endangerment charge in Jackson County Municipal Court.

Martin, 32, also is pleading not guilty to a drunken driving charge. The charges stem from a July 22 traffic stop on U.S. 35 in Jackson County. State troopers say Martin’s Dodge Ram truck drifted left of center and his trailer didn’t have taillights.

During the traffic stop, Martin refused to take field sobriety tests, which means his driver’s license is automatically suspended for a year. Attorney Charlie Rowland said he would ask the court later this month to grant driving privileges to Martin to allow him to get to and from work......

Jarrod Martin has a right to go to court, but you'd think that in an effort to not embarrass his family and constituents any further that he'd just deal with what happened.

>>>>  A news story in the Boston Herald is giving more substance to the rumor of a possible run for the U.S. by Elizabeth Warren.  Warren, who had been nominated by President Obama to head the new consumer bureau, is an intelligent, thoughtful, incredible person.  That explains why the Republicans refused to approve her nomination. White, pompous,  Republican males fear intelligent, clear-thinking, progressive, Democratic women. To these Republicans, smart Democratic women are like kryptonite.

Do you need an example?  From, we have this from college drop out, anti-environmental, anti-women's rights, anti-diversity, hatemonger, Rush Limbaugh:

Feminism was established to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream.”



Those looking to Limbaugh and the Republicans for moral leadership, ideas, progress, and legislation that protects everyone (not just corporations), should look elsewhere.