Wednesday, August 03, 2011


*  Why is Pat Buchanan still working for MSNBC or any news organization?  Raw Story has the incident of Buchanan referring to President Obama as "your boy."  Buchanan needs to go back to the 1850's or Fox News.

*  The recent debt ceiling vote showed us that Republicans have no moderates in their party.  There are conservatives and far right extremists.  We don't want their kind of philosophies, agendas, and divisive tactics they use to gain power in our country.  Just a few examples, such as the Tea Party Republicans, John Kasich's war on the middle class, Scott Walker's bizarre power grab, allowing more tax cuts for the rich, eliminating safety regulations, taking money away from public schools, and cuts to programs for the elderly and poor, demonstrate the self-centered, money grubbing, power hungry, Republicans and their ilk. 

It gives me great satisfaction to see any discord in the Republican Party.  With Republican Rep. Jim Jordan falling out of favor with some Republicans because of his lack of support for John Boehner, there are more unhappy GOPers being exposed.

***  Ohioans are just disgusted with the arrogance and outright waste of money Gov. Kasich has been involved in with the overuse of the state plans.